Friday, February 11, 2011

It's a new day.

Egypt Celebrates Mubarak's resignation

This is a short update, I apologize.

It's about time I let the people know who I am and why I did this. I started this blog because I believed in Egypt, I believed in the revolution, and I wanted to help the people in any way I could. Being physically unable to go back to Egypt myself, I could only help from afar. The inability to be physically there killed me inside. But it's a new day.

The First Post on this blog was of my own writing. Some of the others are copied. But the first was the most important. I poured my hopes, dreams and spirit into it. As a guideline, if I didn't include a citation link , I wrote it.

I am Elazul on Twitter. I kept my identity a (loosely guarded) secret not because I feared for myself, but because I feared for my loved ones. But I no longer have to. It's a new day.

Also, because I did not want people to lose the effect of my words, based on my personality. Who I am shouldn't have ever mattered, If you don't like me personally, it doesn't matter. What matters is the spirit, and the response was kind. It's a new day.

Today is a new day. A day with so much hope. We still have a long hard way to go, but we can make it. We know the path now. And we can make it. It's a new day.

I'll still be updating this blog. Like I said, the battle is far from over, and I SHOULD be updating it soon with important information. But for now, we celebrate our victory. Egypt is finally free, and what we do with that freedom is completely up to us. It's a new day.

Egypt is finally free: It's a new day.

(Some of the images taken from Sherif Assaf , I hope he forgives me for using them without asking him, but they were too beautiful not to use, if he asks me to remove them I will )

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