Saturday, January 29, 2011

Instructions to Assist The Egyptian Vigilantes protecting the country.

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1- First and foremost, stick together, this is obvious to most of you. Power in Numbers.
2- You will get tired soon, so divide yourselves into smaller groups and become more strategic when it comes to the places you need to protect in order to control the area.

2- Prepare Molotov Cocktails but use them ONLY when you must. To make a Molotov Cocktails: open a bottle, fill it with a flamable material like gas , and close it with a sheet of cloth which you can light if you need to but it has to be long enough to give you some time to throw it after its top becomes a piece of fire).

3- Chains make excellent weapons against thugs on bikes; Pipes make good weapons too.

4- Air rifles are NOT effective, you can withstand a blast at point blank range.

5- Get wood from Shovels or other varities, Hammer long nails through them, they make decent maces.

6- Use your car tires to blockade the streets. Light fire in them too, it will give you warmth and prevent any car from braking the blokade. Create choke points so thugs have a harder time getting in and out of your streets. Open the blockade ONLY when the army takes control.

7- Crush Lighbulbs inside cloth, Spread the glass on window sills. they Make noise and harm attackers.

8- Agree on a Distress signal, Give it ONLY to people you trust. 

9- Rip Barbed wire from nearby gardens if available, use it to protect pressure points.

10- Keep a bucket of nails & a watcher approximately 200 feet after your choke points, if someone breaks though have someone Scatter the nails on the street.

11- In case you don't have nails, shattered glass works but is not as effective.

12- Open up manhole covers, Direct choke points towards them.

13- In the lack of nails, for cars you can use large sheets of cloth or cardboard to obscure vision of the cars, requires two watchers at 10 - 20 m after the choke points.

1. أولاً و قبل كل شيء، أبقوا متجمعين معاً ، هذه بديهية لأغلبكم، القوة بالكثرة.
2. قسموا أنفسكم الى مجموعات صغيرة حتى تتفادوا التعب. قوموا بالتخطيط الجيد لحماية الأماكن التي ستكمنكم من السيطرة على المنطقة.
3. قوموا بتحضير قنابل المولوتوف، لكن لا تستعملوها إلا عند الضرورة فقط. لإعداد قنبلة مولوتوف: افتح قارورة، املأها بسائل قابل للاشتعال، أغلقها بقطعة قماش لتتمكن من اشعالها عند الحاجة، قطعة القماش يجب ان تكون طويلة نوعاً ما ليكون عندك متسع من الوقت لتتمكن من رميها عند اشتعال الجزء العلوي من القماش
4. تعتبر الجنازير من أفضل الأسلحة ضد العصابات (البلطجية)، المواسير أيضاً فعالة
5. البنادق الهوائية غير فعالة.
6. احصل على هراوات من المجرفة أو من أدوات أخرى، دق مسامير طويلة خلال الهراوات لتصبح أكثر فاعلية
7. استعمل اطارات السيارات لقطع الطرق، اشعل النار فيها، ستكون مفيدة للتدفئة و منع أية سيارة من اختراق الحواجز. قم بإعداد ممرات ضيقة لجعل مرور العصابات أصعب. قم بإزالة الحاجز عندما يستلم الجيش و يسيطر على المنطقة.
8. قم بتكسير اللمبات داخل قطع قماش، قم بنشر قطع الزجاج المكسر عتبات الشبابيك، قطع الزجاج المكسر تخرج أصواتاً عالية و تؤذي البلطجية
9. اتفقوا على إشارة متخصصة في الحالات الطارئة، لا تعطي هذه الإشارة إلا لمن تثق بهم.
10. قم بإزالة السياج الشائك من الحدائق القريبة ان امكن، و قم باستعمالها لحماية الأماكن الحساسة
11. ابق كمية من من المسامير و مراقب على بعد 200 قدم من الحاجز، اذا حاول احدهم من اختراق الحاجز، يقوم المراقب برمي المسامير على الشارع.
12. اذا لم يكن لديك مسامير، انشر زجاج مكسر، و لكنه ليس بنفس الفاعلية
13. افتح أغطية البلاليع، و وجه الحواجز اتجاه البلاليع المفتوحة
14. في حالة عدم وجود مسامير، استخدم قطع قماش أو كرتون كبيرة لحجب الرؤية للسيارات القادمة، هذا يتطلب وجود مراقبين اثنين على بعد 10- 20 متر من الحاجز 

People take control of Egypt's Security.

List found compiled by a Twitter user on the situation in Cairo Areas in the hours between 21:00-24:00 EST on January 29th 2011.

Older news on the bottom:

  • Can someone please compile my tweets on the areas updated into a single text file and upload it somewhere, i can barely see now.
  • @stevecrossan @benjyw @KatieS tweeting limits? I constantly hit them. But not all my info is critical tbh.
  • 3 minutes ago

  • Confirmed: Army Footmen are expected to hit the streets tomorrow morning, not sure if that's a blessing or a curse. #Jan25 Jan25
  • 7 minutes ago
  • ckaratnytsky ChristineKaratnytsky 
  • by @ 
  • @ @alaa see pics:@Jan25 Voices nighttime blockades in Nasr City, Cairo: #Jan25 #Egypt #Jan28
  • 13 minutes ago

  • Phew, those were alot of questions, did i miss anyone?
  • 9 minutes ago

  • @DuvalEaton Not entirely sure to be honest, but i can try to find out.
  • 9 minutes ago

  • @Baalsh lots have been looted. Windows smashed...etc
  • @sarsaroth @jzeelaG If the people get together, they'll take care of the thugs. Not sure what current status there is, sorry :(
  • @coldwarcooking like i said, at worst things have been looted, but no casualties or major injuries reported as of yet.
  • @DuvalEaton I personally believe that the thugs, & the army calling on the youth to protect..etc was a ploy to suppress protests.
  • @DuvalEaton oh yeah, i don't think they'll hit the streets in same numbers since they're too busy protecting their homes.
  • @historicalcurio @AbirElixir They did, but last i knew for sure, he was in still in cairo.
  • @sarsaroth @jzeelaG No clue on the status of the escaped prisoners, however like i said, the thugs can't touch most areas.

  • @jzeelaG I'm sorry, no clue about Mansoura. However knowing the history of the people there, it should be safe.They're tough people.
  • @DuvalEaton Sorry i forgot what the original question was. My brain is over stressed as is, and lots of questions.
  • @freeme70 Unfortunately no clue on that as of yet. Fingers crossed.
  • another update i just got, Alpha market (Maadi) has been looted, broken windows. But no sign of thugs at the moment (23:22 EST) #Jan25 Jan25
  • @coldwarcooking Both. But have heard of no Casualties or major injuries.
  • @alaa I wouldn't mind at all, unfortunately i have to keep the phone lines open at the moment. Maybe later.
  • @atefsaid i don't mind at all. And if someone compiles the reports i gave somewhere, please link me because it would be useful.
  • @Mayonaize Like i said before, ALL of the areas i mentioned, have problem areas, but the point is overall it's safe/unsafe/problematic.
  • @DuvalEaton seems most people are going to be concenred with protecting their families, Most respectable cops doing the same. Seems intended
  • @ellozy Youth and in some cases military. Some thugs have jumped off bridges into the Nile to escape watchers.
  • @AssemMemon Korba is safe, roxy in general is safe now. Wasn't earlier. #Jan25 Jan25
  • @hmoubarek Abassia is widely safe, Daher i honestly don't know. #Jan25 Jan25
  • @ellozy Doesn't seem so. people in control, Shots heard but most people haven't seen anything themselves. Military presence minimal
  • If you asked me a question in the middle of the updates, Please ask again and i will respond now.
  • I'm sorry but i have no information about Alexandria Suez, or any other areas. I do know however that Sharm El sheikh and Hurgada are safe
  • The source of my information are people in EACH area i mentioned. I spent about an 1.5 hrs on the phone calling people and asking. #Jan25
  • I was told about almost every single city around Cairo. Unfortunately i have no information about other areas. If i forgot someplace ask me.
  • Garden City Is safe, Thugs fear the security around the American, Canadian, and British Embassies #Jan25 Jan25
  • Stores and houses in MOST areas overall HAVE been looted and Vandalized, However Order is in place now. #Jan25 Jan25
  • Bridges are being guarded by Youth from slums, fear of attempts at mass destruction of bridges . #Jan25
  • On an overall basis, Cairo is relatively safe. But some minor areas EVEN inside the places reported safe are problematic. #Jan25 Jan25
  • Elwara2 & Imbaba Area basically are saying "security? We've always protected ourselves. Let the Thugs come, they will die" #Jan25 Jan25
  • Medan Lebnan has been a disaster area, however it is now stable. Heavy fighting took place earlier. #Jan25 Jan25
  • No one is protecting NDP buildings, only attempt to help those buildings is to put out the fires. #Jan25 Jan25
  • Maadi is currently safe, was a warzone earlier because of the prison breaks. Some prison guards have died.Youth in control #Jan25 Jan25
  • Helmeyet El zaitoun area is completely safe, People too powerful there, Military establishment increasing security. #Jan25 Jan25
  • Mo2ataam Area is largely safe, some areas problematic, overall most of the areas are safe there, people from slums helping out. #Jan25 Jan25
  • The Museums are safe, Citadel completely safe. Youth are not allowing anyone to touch the heritage. #Jan25 Jan25

  • The youth HAVE been helping the army in putting out the fires, and in some cases on their own completely. #Jan25 Jan25
  • Agouza is a wildcard, some places are completely safe (thx to people from Imbaba) some are not as safe, overall it's safe #Jan25 Jan25

  • There have been several prison breaks, however the numbers are only a few thousand as of yet. #Jan25 Jan25

  • Most university campuses are completely safe, no understanding of why. #Jan25 Jan25

  • Carfour maadi has NOT been burned to the ground, however it has been looted badly. #Jan25 Jan25

  • City Stars has been looted, but not badly. Still standing and relatively ok so far. #Jan25 Jan25

  • Sha3r el Nozha and outlying areas are safe. Due to the youth and proximity of an "officers" apartment block. #Jan25 Jan25
  • Medan Heliopolis and Hegaz areas are safe #Jan25 Jan25
  • 3omarat el 3ebour are safe, most likely due to the proximity to military establishments, youth on the streets. #Jan25 Jan25
  • Almazaa area is completely safe, the youth are out in high numbers: #Jan25 Jan25
  • ALL "sha3by" Areas including shobra are safe. The thugs wouldn't dare touch anyone or anything there. #Jan25 Jan25
  • Roxy Square has (unconfirmed) been completely taken over by the Military. #Jan25 Jan25
  • Madinet Nasr was a minor warzone earlier, but is completely stable, even though army has withdrawn from most areas. #Jan25 Jan25

  • Ahmed Orabi city is safe, All property guards there are now armed with high caliber guns. #Jan25 Jan25

  • El3ebour Widely safe thanks to the people. #Jan25 Jan25

  • Most "Satellite" Towns are completely and totally safe. Including Sadat City. #Jan25 Jan25

  • Mansouria/Abou Rawash area are largely safe. The thugs are afraid (and rightly so) of the farmers #Jan25 Jan25
  • Mohandessin and Dokki still problematic, but people are in control and have blocked off most streets. Watches working together. #Jan25 Jan25
  • 59 minutes ago 

  • Geser El Sewis is problematic in most areas, but the people are now in control. Have fought skirmishes. #Jan25 Jan25
  • Gama3 el Fath area and Mahkama area are safe. Unconfirmed Reports that there have been attempted raids on the courthouse #Jan25 Jan25
  • Zamalek is slightly unstable in a few minor areas, but are widely safe thanks to the youth and the Embassies security #Jan25 Jan25
  • G.Riddance: The watches have caused some deaths to thugs, including some thugs that jumped into the nile to escape the watches. #Jan25 Jan25

  • Military unlike reported is widely NOT in the streets, unlike reports state, the People are having to defend themselves. #Jan25 Jan25
  • Terumph/Safir Areas are completely safe thanks to the Men and women (including the decent cops) #Jan25 Jan25

  • 6th of October is completely safe in places that have a decent population. Isolated villas may have troubles. #Jan25 Jan25

  • The people have been largely successful in protecting their areas, media coverage is "Overblown", Youth + decent cops to thank. #Jan25 Jan25
  • Cops that have retired, or are off duty, or that just ignored the regime, are helping the neighborhood watches. They're not all bad. #Jan25
  • Manyal is a very problematic area, but the people there have taken control, thanks to the youth & cops that are defending their area. #Jan25
  • Confirm that several of the thugs have guns, however most of the militias have at least a few people with guns. #Jan25 Jan25
  • El Tagamo3 El Khames is widely safe thanks to the youth. #Jan25 Jan25

  • People around rehab are patrolling all around the city and outlying areas. so they're relatively safe. #Jan25 Jan25
  • Most areas are safe & stable thanks to the youth, however a few areas like Elnozha Elgedida, are slighty problematic. #Jan25 Jan25

  • Just finished a round of calls to loved ones in Egypt, The next few tweets are going to be the updates i Got from inside Egypt: #Jan25 Jan25

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To the People Of Egypt In regards to the Jan 25 Revolution.

Dear People of glorious Egypt, Fellow Brothers, Sisters, Sons, Daughters, Mothers & Fathers,

Understand this; this is nothing less than a war. A war for our freedoms. This is not a war led by the Muslim Brotherhood, or a political party, or anyone else. This is a revolution led by the people, for the people. But it is a War nonetheless.

Do not deter, do not lose hope, do not Despair. Do not give up. Never give up.

For years and years you were apathetic. For years you felt that there was nothing you could do. For years you were impotent and hopeless.

But that is no longer the case, The events of the past few days have proven beyond a shadow of doubt, that you DO have the power, you DO have a voice, you CAN change things; You are not Helpless. You are not hopeless. You are not impotent. You & ONLY you have the Power.

My Brethren, for too long we have remained silent. For too long we have accepted as they eroded our rights away under the pretense that they are protecting us from Israel, From other nonexistent threats, That they are better than the alternative, that anyone that is against them is someone out to destroy us. That is not the reality, and it has never been the reality. It was merely a series of lies and propaganda intended to scare us into submission, to demean us, to enslave us. But no more.

No longer will we sit idly by believing the lies.

No longer will we allow them to enslave and demean us.

No longer will we be sheep.

No longer will we allow them to prey on us.

No Longer will we be silent.

No longer.

A Government that is not a representation of what the people need & want, is not a legitimate government, it is a group of thugs, a medieval monarchy, and You the people of Egypt have spoken, You have said what you need, what you want, and it is not Mubarak, it is not a group of thugs and thieves that call themselves our government in an attempt to appear Legitimate to the rest of the world and to us.

For too long we have allowed them to corrupt & weaken us, until we as a people, who were once the forefront of the world, who were once the pinnacle of civilization and enlightenment, had nothing real to be proud of anymore but ancient accomplishments and ancient victories.

No more will we be corrupted, we are proud, and you should be proud of what we have accomplished so far, we have scared them, we have shaken them, and we will not rest until we destroy the demons that take the guise of angels.

What can they do to harm you?

Are you afraid they'll starve you? How many of your fellow Egyptians sleep everyday without a scrap of food?!

Are you afraid of what they'll do to your children? What future do they have with our state of education and economy?

Are you afraid they'll hurt you? Kill you?

Tell me, how many Accidents have happened out of negligence?
How many people have suffered or died in hospitals out of lack of supplies and staff?
How many varieties of tainted food and water have we had spread in the population to fatten gluttonous corrupt wallets?
How much radiation has bombarded us because of illegal deals & Ignorance of restrictions?
How much harm has already come to us?

They cannot do more harm to us than they have already done, unless we accept it and allow it.

Remember as Edmund Burke said "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do .... If good men do nothing"

For how long were we going to sit silently and accept being second class citizens in our own country?!

Never Again.

People of Egypt, They will threaten you with insults, arrests, violence, tanks, Guns, armed forces, everything they can think of, because they are weakening, they are losing their control because we have finally seen through their shroud of lies and propaganda. Do not be afraid. They have lost their grip on us. Do not be afraid.

They are tyrants, they are evil, and they are demons. Do not fear them, because the truth and light is on your side.

This is just the start of something beautiful, but we must be willing to fight, no matter how it scares us, no matter what may happen to us. Do not let the spark die, Turn the spark into a full blown scorching fire and burn the ground from under their feet.

Other revolutions in history have changed the course of history with the odds against them being even worse than ours. They did not have twitter or facebook, they did not have internet, they did not have portable cameras, and yet they were victorious.

We will be victorious, but there are a few steps that should be taken:

1st We need to spread the word of revolution to those without internet access, to those in distant villages and cities, we need EVERYONE in Egypt to know why the people are revolting, because the only information some people have, is the propaganda they get from Government controlled Radio and T.V.

2nd We need to be prepared for what's coming, things are going to get MUCH worse before they get much better, don't just let anger take over you, be prepared.

3rd I do not directly condone violence, and I never will. But in the words of JFK (also Quoted by Martin Luther King) "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable", If they attack you, if they hurt you, do not hesitate to fight back, you're fighting not only for your rights, but for your life and the life and rights of everyone you care about.

4th We need to show the rest of the world what is going on. We need the truth to be exposed against the lies of the regime.

Most importantly, do not stop until you get your demands. Do not give up. Do not stop no matter what they do to you, fight for freedom until your last breath, because without freedom, we have nothing.

We have been Lambs & Sheep for too long, but no more. We are no longer lambs, we are no longer sheep; and without a flock there is nothing left for a sheep herder to control. We have replaced our fear with anger, and we will no longer be afraid.

So Harness your anger and rise;

Rise People of Egypt

Rise Brethren

Rise Fighters for Freedom and never back down.

Rise and do not lose hope, we will be victorious!

Raise your head high and RISE!

I hate to quote a movie in these circumstances, but "Rise and Rise again, until Lambs become lions"

And we will no longer be lambs.